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Q80 Enterprise Rackmount LTO Tape Library with LTO-8 SAS Drives

Q80 Enterprise Rackmount LTO Tape Library with LTO-8 SAS Drives

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The Qualstar Q80 Enterprise tape library is designed for simplicity and reliability, providing superior performance and scalability for expanding data storage and long-term archiving requirements. The Q80 system offers capacity scaling from 80 to 560 cartridge slots and throughput scaling from 1 to 42 tape drives. The Q80 base unit may be connected to up to six additional expansion modules, creating a single library system that can store up to 25.2 PB (compressed) in a single 42U rack. The Q80 uses a single robot to service all drives and media, maximizing cost effectiveness.

The operator control panel uses an intuitive GUI and software wizards to make the system easy to configure and use. The identical functionality may also be accessed remotely via the integrated browser-based remote management interface (RMI). This enables IT administrators to remotely configure, manage and diagnose the library from anywhere in the world via the Internet. The Q80 system is also easy to service and repair, with field replaceable tape drives, power supply and controller board units.

​Key Highlights

  • 80 to 560 cartridges (base + 6 expansion modules)
  • 1 to 6 tape drives per module, up to 42 drives
  • LTO-8 with SAS connection
  • 5.7″ color touch-screen display in base unit
  • Simple expansion, no special alignment required
  • Ball bearing slides standard
  • Removable magazines for bulk loading/unloading
  • Remote management via Ethernet
  • IPV6, SNMP with SSL & TLS
  • Encryption capable
  • Drive firmware update via remote management interface
  • Library firmware update via remote management or via control panel and USB thumb drive

Engineered for Reliability

  • User-installable tape drives
  • Self-calibrating all-digital servo control system
  • Auto-aligning: No mechanical or electrical adjustments
  • Auto-discovery of all components
  • Rated at 2,000,000 tape load/unload cycles
  • Automated tape drive cleaning


  • Expandable up to 560 tape slots
  • ADI library interface
  • Fibre Channel and SAS drive interface support
  • Logical library partitioning

Comprehensive User Interface

  • Browser-based remote library manager
  • 7″ color LCD touch control panel and menu system for easy local configuration, operation, and maintenance

Efficient Media Control

  • Barcode scanner
  • I/O Port configurable to none or 10 cartridges


  • Three-year warranty
  • Rackmount kit standard
  • N+1 power with dual line cords standard for base and expansion units
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