About Qualstar

Qualstar’s Commitment to Excellence

Nearly 40 years since its founding, Qualstar has established a reputation of trust built on excellent service and high-quality, reliable products. One of the few remaining fully independent tape library manufacturers, we go above and beyond our competitors to deliver solutions that most effectively meet our customers’ requirements while still accommodating the need for expansion.

  • Nearly 40 years of experience and expertise delivering data storage solutions
  • Scalable libraries easily grow with business requirements—from entry-level to enterprise-class
  • No slot licensing fees
  • ISO, RoHS, UL, and FCC certified products
  • Expert technical support on call to help customers through any issue
  • Vertically integrated in-house capabilities
  • Global footprint with strategic presences in the United States, South Korea, China, Poland, and Germany
  • As one of the last independent library manufacturers, our customers aren’t locked into any specific archiving application promoted by the tape library company

Qualstar's History

Qualstar Corporation was founded in California in 1984 for the development and manufacture of digital storage solutions. By 1995, the company had concentrated its efforts on magnetic tape libraries used to store, retrieve, and manage digital data. Qualstar’s libraries provide the ideal storage solution for the growing number of organizations that require a way to keep critical but rarely accessed information safe and secure for long-term storage. Backed by nearly 40 years of experience and over 35,000 units sold, Qualstar has earned a reputation for trust and reliability. Today, we offer a full range of tape libraries in various sizes and configurations to meet any requirements.

With the ever-increasing volume of data generated across all industries in today’s information-driven marketplace, our clients demand ever-greater storage density and read/write speeds. To meet these needs, Qualstar offers the most cutting-edge tape storage solutions on the market, with energy efficient libraries that utilize the latest LTO tape drive technology and ultra-dense cartridges. As the last independent tape library manufacturer, we don’t tie our customers to a certain archival software, and we don’t charge slot licensing fees—giving our customers total control over their systems and data.

In July 2002, Qualstar purchased the assets of N2Power, Inc., a supplier of ultrasmall, high-efficiency open-frame power supplies. These switching-mode power supplies are sold under the N2Power brand name as well as to OEMs through private-label brand names.

​On June 30, 2014, Qualstar formed a Singapore corporation as part of its plan to grow its engineering and product development staff in order to support Qualstar’s overall product expansion. Our global footprint has expanded even farther with the addition of a strategic presence in South Korea and, most recently, in Germany. Furthermore, we are currently working to establish a presence in China as well.

Qualstar's Leadership

  • Steven N. Bronson, CEO, President & Director

  • Ryan J. Hoffman, Chief Financial Officer

  • David J. Wolenski, Chairman of the Board