• View the Q80 Enterprise Rackmount LTO Tape Library Datasheet.

    See below for common Q80 drive options. Other drive configurations may also be available. Please contact Qualstar Sales for more information.

  • Modular System Expands from 2.4 TB to 16.8 PB

    The Qualstar Q80 Enterprise tape library is designed for simplicity and reliability, providing superior performance and scalability for expanding data storage and long-term archiving requirements. The Q80 system offers capacity scaling from 80 to 560 cartridge slots and throughput scaling from 1 to 42 tape drives. The Q80 utilizes LTO-7, LTO-8, or LTO-9 tape drives, with each 6U high Q80 library module capable of delivering up to 1.44 PB (LTO-9 native) of storage capacity or up to 3.6 PB (LTO-9 compressed). The Q80 base unit may be connected to up to six additional expansion modules, creating a single library system that can store up to 25.2 PB (compressed) in a single 42U rack. The Q80 uses a single robot to service all drives and media, maximizing cost effectiveness.

    See below for available Q80 drive options.