The following information is provided to assist advanced users. We suggest you check with your Application Software Vendor and/or Reseller to determine the proper installation procedure for your particular configuration.

Note: Many software partners provide their own drivers for use with our libraries. Use of the drivers below may prevent your backup software from working properly.

Windows Library Drivers

Platform Description Link
Windows 2000/2003/2008 Qualstar TLS/RLS/XLS Windows library driver Driver
Windows 2000/2003/2008 Qualstar new RLS-83xx/85xx library driver Driver

LTO Information

Platform Description Link
All IBM LTO drive test program, ITDT IBM LTO drive test program, ITDT
All IBM Drivers Drivers
NOTE: Windows Server installation processes have changed.
Review Readme files before attempting to install IBM LTO drivers
All HP Drivers Drivers

AIT and SAIT Information (Sony)

Platform Description Link
AIT Drivers, Tape Tools and documentation AIT Documents
SAIT Drivers, Tape Tools and documentation SAIT Documents