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Qi Desktop LTO SAS with LTO-7 Drive

Qi Desktop LTO SAS with LTO-7 Drive

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Like the quintessential life-giving energy from which it takes its name, the Qualstar Qi Desktop LTO SAS with LTO-7 drive keeps your data vibrant and healthy by providing reliable, high-capacity storage for backup, recovery, and archival applications. Catering to small businesses and individuals, the Qi is compact enough to transport from location to location and offers a very attractive price point.


  • Uses LTO tape drive technology
  • One half-height LTO-7 tape drive
  • Compact form factor
  • Lightweight: just 7 lb
  • Standard SAS interface
  • Maintains data integrity for up to 30 years
  • Encryption capable
  • CE, FCC and UL certified​

Key Features and Benefits

Elegantly simple and intuitive, the Qi is an ideal way to store large amounts of data while working at various jobsites. The unit adapts to the needs of any workspace by operating in both horizontal (preferred) and vertical orientations. Data can be managed and distributed securely using physical isolation—removing the cartridge from the drive—to guarantee absolute safety from cyber threats. From painless operation to effortless maintenance, the Qi is designed to make life simple. But if something does come up, the Qi is backed by Qualstar’s three-year advanced replacement warranty and knowledgeable customer support team.

Putting the User First

  • Low price-per-terabyte ratio
  • Simple integration into existing environments
  • Easy maintenance and simple service
  • Highly portable
  • Write once read many (WORM) capable
  • Trade-in options available
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